#Voices of Bullard

Harmoni Henry

        I asked a few students if they thought Donald J. Trump should be removed from office. Their answers were similar. They were all asked “Do you think that Donald Trump should be removed from office immediately  Most of their responses  were ”Yes because they don’t think he’s a good president for the United Sates.

       There are different opinions about whether or not he should have been found guilty or innocent. Many students on Bullard’s high school campus followed the trial along with their parents.  They were asked, “Do you think Trump should be removed from office?  An unscientific sample showed a divided student body.

9th grader Zariah aligned her opinion with  her parents. she said ” He is the worst president, He is racist and I don’t like him.’

9th grader Uniese said ” I don’t believe he’s  a good president for the US  even if he did help with jobs because he is a business man but I don’t think he’s for all people.”