23’ Yearbook

I had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Ramos and her Class of 23’ Yearbook. We spoke with the teacher first and then to a few of the students, all in different grades, here’s what they had to say.

I spoke with a junior first and asked her how she felt about taking this class and she stated she enjoyed this class it was fun, made her day and she loves the teacher.

A sophomore I spoke with talked about the assignments telling me they are manageable, and she can do them anywhere along with doing them quickly.

A senior said this class was perfect for them because they have taken a good amount of electives and had experience in classes at this school so this one was like a new beginning.

I then asked a student about their reaction when they found out the elective that was chosen for them for the year was the yearbook they said they were very grateful because it made them more involved in school

the last question I asked the student was their favorite thing about the class which was getting to organize yearbooks and take pictures at football games capturing people celebrating victories


I was able to talk to missus Ramos who is one of my favorite teachers on campus and was my English teacher last year I wanted to know what influenced her to take over a yearbook class and here’s what it was:

“I took over this class during COVID after my colleague moved to another school. Miss Fischle convinced me I would be good at it and I took her advice. It was hard when school was online but that gave me time to learn how to use the program and teach students to make a great yearbook.”

I asked her also what she enjoyed about this class and how it hasgone this year and was impressed with the response.

“I love organizing and seeing students get excited about events and taking photos and putting their pages together. They are always so proud when the books arrive in May, and they see them for the first time. This year we’ve already sold half the yearbooks we plan on ordering, which is something I’m really proud of.”