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Top 3 Local Dine-In Restaurants in Fresno

Photo by:  TimeOut

In the vast Central Valley, you’ll be able to find many mouth-watering and luscious kinds of food across many restaurants, that all uphold their own unique traits. Whether it be seafood, Indian, or classic American cuisine, the many towns and cities in the Valley will have it. As development grows, more restaurants join the competition to be the hottest and most popular restaurant. In North Fresno, these three dine-in restaurants are being favored by the many locals around. Find out what they are below.

Photo by: Checkle

#1 – Heirloom – Located in the Park Crossing Shopping Center on the corners of Fresno Street and Fraint Road, Heirloom is becoming the most popular restaurant in town. This “farm to table” restaurant offers many fresh plates to choose from that include a wide variety of different cuisines. However, Heirloom doesn’t have a regular ordering system like other sit-down restaurants. With this system, you’ll enter a line to order your food, and then be seated at an empty table, which operates more like a cafeteria. Then your order of a warm tri-tip Sandwich or “Merica Burger” with a side of Garlic Fries will be given to you at your table for you to enjoy. There are so many delicious options to choose from at Heirloom, and locals love it!

Photo by; K6 Construction Inc.

#2 – Annesso  Pizzeria – Also located in the Park Crossing Shopping Center, you’ll be able to find Annesso Pizzeria. “Crafted from scratch” is their motto, indicating how perfectly made their pizzas are. They also sell Italian-inspired pastas, salads, and sides which include the most favorite parmesan fries to enjoy with your meal. The atmosphere of Annesso’s is like no other, giving it a comfy unique feel. The owners of Annesso Pizzeria also own Annex Kitchen, which is located in the Bullard Region and is also known to be one of the best restaurants in Fresno.

Photo by: Visit Fresno County

#3 – Westwood’s BBQ & Spice Co. – Lastly, located in River Park Shopping Center on the corners of Nees Ave and Blackstone Ave, Westwood’s BBQ & Spice Co. stands up tall. Westwood’s has been a town favorite since it opened in the 2000’s, still having the most delicious barbecue found in Fresno. With the wide variety of barbecue plates, there’s so much to choose from. The warm and soft tri-tip matches the warm and nostalgic feel of Westwood’s atmosphere that makes you hungry for more. The delicious quality food that the owner of Westwood’s has mastered can also be found at Pismo’s Coastal Grill and Yosemite Ranch Steak House, all being conveniently located near each other.

Discover all the menu options these restaurants offer by visiting these links:


Annesso Pizzeriahttps://annessopizzeria.com/

Westwood’s BBQ & Spice Co.https://www.westwoodsbbq.com/