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The Dosti Dream

Bullard Students Business

Luke’s Window Cleaning Business

Luke Dosti is a 17-year-old senior at Bullard High School who was looking for some reason to his life after a hard time. Luke was loyal to his soccer career from the age of five. After many years of hard work and dedicated days, he realized his dreams of playing for a college were slipping farther and farther away. He planned to get it together and work extra hard during his last and final high school season. Sadly before his season began he was let known that he was cut from the team. The news blew him off his feet. He didn’t know what to do or how to act. He thought he didn’t have much of a future since all he knew was lost.


After long weeks of searching for a purpose, he finally found it. His brother had been in solar sales and had given him the idea to get an early start on money and business. After Luke had shown his interest, he began to seek help from his brother’s experience. Luke’s brother gave him advice by showing him the proper techniques to sell. He used these techniques along with courses taken about door-to-door sales and window cleaning. Towards the end of Thanksgiving break, Luke had finished his courses and was eager to sell.


Luke was not out of the gate yet as he would need supplies and a transportation device. With little to no money to his name, he needed a loan to buy a Tucker water tank and a water-fed bowl which came out to be about $2,000. With one last push from his brother, he was aided with the supplies under one condition. He promised that he would put in hard work and not give up.


His first sale was a huge accomplishment. Luke had learned how to speak with confidence. Luke says “It was a day I will never forget.” It was a breakthrough, a high mountain reached after spending so much time in a deep valley. He continued to pay his brother back 25% per sale and is now done with his forty-fifth sale. Over 3 months, Luke has made about 15 thousand dollars working as a high school student.


To prove this point further we interviewed a local customer who experienced Luke’s cleaning. This customer had positive remarks for the upcoming business even going as far to say, “My windows were left spotless after the job was done.” Stone Kesterson (the customer) left a 4.5-star rating.  Stone even had to say “The machine used was very impressive and left me with no doubt in my mind it was sanitary and safe” You can get these same jobs done on your house and expect to pay 250$. Some might say this is expensive but the demographic meant to be reached is those who would gladly pay enough to have their house spotless. Stone said “I would pay again and recommend this service to anyone who wishes for clear windows.”


Luke’s vision for his window washer business is to learn skills for his future and set up to go into other businesses such as real estate. We will see where all this hard work takes Luke Dosti.